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The first United States paper money under the Constitution dates from 1861 when the Demand Notes were issued defining the term "Greenback". From then to now, all currency issued by the United States Government has remained valid.

My collection is a type collection of the first 3 denominations. There are some areas where I have more such as the Fractionals and Emergency notes which I have all denominations. All images shown in the links below are from my personal collection unless otherwise noted.

Facts and History of the $1 note

The Faces of Currency

Error Notes

Paper money was first issued and circulated in 1812. This demand was brought on by the War of 1812. The series lasted only through 1815 but was considered very successful since all banks and merchants accepted them. It would not be until 1861 when the US Government would pass Congress Acts allowing the creation of legal currency. Since the first Act of July 17, 1861, there have been eleven (11) types of currency printed.

Broken Bank Notes Prior to 1861 History of First and Second Banks
Demand Notes 1861-1862 Act of Congress July 17 and Aug. 5, 1861
Interest Bearing Notes 1861-1865 Act of Congress July 17, 1861
Fractional Currency 1862-1876 Act of Congress July 17, 1862
United States Notes 1862-1966 Act of Congress February 25, 1862
National Bank Notes 1863-1929 Act of Congress February 25, 1863
Gold Certificates 1863-1928 Act of Congress March 3, 1863
Silver Certificates 1878-1957 Act of Congress February 28, 1878
Treasury or Coin Notes 1890-1891 Act of Congress July 14, 1890
Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1915-1918 Act of Congress December 23, 1913
Federal Reserve Notes 1914-Current Act of Congress December 23, 1913
World War II Emergency Notes 1942-1944