Dogic DIY Assembly

Do not be intimidated by the amount of pieces included in the package. Take your time assembling the puzzle and appreciate the construction. The puzzle consist of:
- the base structure
- structure connectors (holds triangle base in)
- triangle base (holds 3 color mini-triangles)
- colored triangles
- pieces side (fits next to colored triangles)
- mini-triangles

There is NO need to unscrew any parts of the base structure.


With the base structure in your hand, begin placing the structure connectors in between the large pentagon shapes of the base. It is best to rotate the pentagon shapes so that the connectors pop in easier. Very little force is necessary to get these pieces in. Take your time with this step. It does require the most patience. The puzzle will feel very unstable at this point.


Make sure the the large pentagon shapes on the base are all lined up. This allows the triangle base pieces to snap in between the structure connectors easily. The structure is starting to feel more solid now.


Time to add color! This steps looks harder than it is. Insert a colored triangle piece. Apply light force. They will pop in easily. Next to each colored piece, fit one "pieces side". They help in maintaining the structure of the colored triangles. Plan your color scheme well. You will use each color only one time.

            SIDE PIECES                                                            COLORED TRIANGLES


You are on the home stretch now. The puzzle now has a solid feel to it and all that is left is the addition of the mini-triangles. Make sure you are happy with the color scheme. Once you insert the mini-triangles, it is a pain to shift the colors. Being colored blind, I had a hard time distinguishing the brown and the red when they were next to each other.



                 And you are done!!!